Glow in the Dark Glitter Wands

These glitter wands are the perfect accessory for mini budding Harry Potter, beautiful Princess, or Wizard in need of a wand? What makes them truly magic is that they glow in the dark! Remember our Nature Sticks? Well, these glow in the dark glitter wands are made in a similar way.

We wrapped double-sided tape around half of each stick before covering in glitter.

We took the sticks outside to decorate & used a selection of glitter & coloured sequins. Minnie started by sprinkling the decorations over the sticks but soon discovered it was quicker to roll the sticks onto a sheet of paper covered in glitter.

You could use PVA glue to cover the sticks, but the sticky tape gives a quicker (& drier) result. The glitter & sequin sticks really shimmered & sparkled as they caught the sunlight, ideal for adding a little colour to a dull autumnal day.

We covered the ends of the sticks with more double-sided tape & wrapped/scrunched kitchen foil around it.

To make the wands glow, we painted over the foil with a thin layer of glow in the dark paint & left to dry overnight. When we wanted to 'charge' the wands we shone a torch over the foil & the wands were ready to shine!

On a couple of the sticks we added card stars instead of foil & painted the glow in the dark paint over the top.

Apologies for the poor quality pic below, my camera isn't great in low light, but it gives you an idea of how the paint glows.

I love that these simple, quick to make glitter wands even look great when they're not being played with too, perfect.

Obviously, for safety reasons, I wouldn't advise that these wands are used without adult supervision, & never used in a crowded space especially in the dark.