20 Alternative Halloween Activities - Ideal for a Light Party

Looking for alternative Halloween crafts? Organizing a Light Party & looking for light-themed activities?
Here are 20 simple & fugal ideas for children of all ages. 

1. Make your own Star Head Boppers.

2. Explore homemade Glow in the Dark Play Dough.

4. Design your own mask. With a simple mask template, & some self adhesive acrylic jewels, shiny stickers, lolly sticks & elastic thread, children can create bright colourful, light reflecting masks.

5. Design bead & clay Candle Holders.

6. Shower yourself in sparkles with homemade Confetti Balloons.

7. Make & explore a sparkly, swirling Mind Jar.

8. Make golden creations with this homemade Gold Play Dough. Great to have out as an activity, or to give away in gift bags at the end of the evening.

9. Create simple Recycled Lanterns.

10. Design starry bookmarks with glue & glitter prints. Cut shapes from potatoes/apples & print with PVA glue instead of paint, sprinkle over glitter & create a unique sparkly bookmark.

11. Make a Starlight Catcher window decoration. 

12. Enjoy Stained Glass Window Cookies. Great to make or decorate.

14. Create a super simple Bonfire Cake. Great for children to pull apart & share.

15. Make Your Own Torch with glow sticks & an upcycled plastic container. 
To decorate the container add stickers, or create a design using permanent markers.

16. Make quick & easy crowns & tiaras.

17.  Sparkly Pasta can be used to make jewellery or decorations.

18. Add a splash of colour with these Rainbow Ribbon Wands.

19. Decorate Pumpkins with paint, glitter, sequins, feathers, or buttons.

20. Decorate Edible Medals

I've been involved in organizing Light Parties for the past few years & these activities have been a big hit with the children. Hope your kiddos enjoy them too.