Last Minute Crown made from Two Kitchen Items

If you're looking for a last minute crown to join in the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee here's our easy peasy crown made from two kitchen items.

All you need is a cereal box, some foil (ripped into small sections), & glue! 

We opened up a cereal box & cut out the front & back. After cutting each side in half (long ways) we ended up with four rectangles, & cut a zigzag pattern across one edge to make the top of our crowns.

We joined two of the sections together with a stapler to make the crown, before Minnie added glue & covered with the foil.

One very quick & easy upcycled crown ready for a stylish Queen or King!

If you have time why no decorate them with some lavish jewels (cut from images in magazines) !

All set for a Royal tea party or two! ;-)