Gold Play Dough Recipe

Fancy some play dough with just a little touch of sparkle? Then this gold play dough is for you! 

We followed our non-cook play dough recipe 

1 cup of flour
half a cup of salt

1 tablespoon of cream of tartar

1 tablespoon of oil

1 cup of boiling water (from the kettle)

Combine all the dry ingredients together before adding the oil & the hot water, & mix well until a smooth dough is formed.

While the dough was still warm we added our gold paint. We used a ready mix metallic paint from Early Learning Centre & added enough to give the dough a rich colour, around 4 tablespoons. (As you mix the paint into the dough don't be alarmed if your fingers turn a little gold! The paint does colour your hand but the child friendly poster paint we used washed off easily.) To create a little more sparkle we sprinkled in a good handful of gold glitter & mixed into the dough

Minnie was keen to add even more bling, so added a selection of small sequins to our golden dough.

Our gold play dough was perfect for creating a royal crown or two! We lined up our gems (glass beads & sequins) & were ready to go.

I made some simple card crown templates for Minnie to use with the dough if she wished, & placed a couple of blunt knives alongside.

After rolling out her dough she cut around one of the crown templates.

To my surprise before she finished cutting her crown out she decorated it with her chosen gems, then replaced the template & cut out her design. 

A crown fit for a Jubilee Queen!

She clearly enjoyed designing crowns & made several more!

She asked if we could make one together, so I moulded a rough crown shape & she decorated with "lots and lots of diamonds!" What a stylish creation! 

This gold  play dough really does sparkle with the tiny flecks of gold paint shimmering throughout. The sequins offer another texture to explore, & act as mini jewel-like treasures waiting to be discovered in the dough! 

Jewel encrusted gold play dough - how opulent! ;-) Perfect for any royal playtime! 

Our gold play dough (minus the sequins) would be ideal for making gold coins, jewelry or other artifacts,
you could even mould your own Golden Globe or Oscar!
It's also great for making a few Olympic medals too!