Easter Cross Bread for Maundy Thursday

After the fun we had with our Easter bunny bread last year we thought we'd get baking & make some more. This year we also made some special bread rolls to share on Maundy Thursday. We were a little short of time so used a bread packet mix from Sainsburys (69p), along with a cross shaped cookie cutter.  (If you have no cross shaped cutter, 2 strips of rolled dough could be placed together to make a cross.)

On Maundy Thursday we think about the last supper & the bread Jesus shared with his disciples. The cross represents the Easter story, & Jesus as the bread of life. 

To help Minnie understand this a little bit more we've been reading 'The Very First Easter' by Pulley Kelly which has enabled us to explore the events of Holy Week, & put them into context. It's also provided a great opportunity to explore the emotions of Holy Week, & answer questions surrounding the story.

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  1. The cress whiskers are so cute :-) Baking bread is great isn't it! I'd love you to share this post on my baking with kids linky - http://happywhimsicalhearts.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/happy-lil-s-are-baking-14.html

    Hope to see you there :-)