Stars & Stripes Soap - Celebrating Independence Day

After the fun we had with our heart soaps we thought we'd experiment & try mixing the colours.

We used the melt and pour soap base that we used for our hearts, but this time poured the melted soap into two separate plastic jugs.

Before the soap solidified we added a few drops of red soap colouring to one jug, & blue soap colouring to the other & stirred to mix the colour through the soap base.

Minnie gently poured the blue soap into each section of the star ice-cube tray, filling it only half the way up. We left the soap for a couple of minutes before pouring the red soap on top. She then added a drop of essential oil (lavender) to scent each star.

She was desperate to add some sparkle to her stars, so sprinkled some confectioners glitter across the soaps.

We left to set for a couple of hours & then gently pushed the soaps out of the mould.

These soaps would be great for starry bedtime baths, or as gifts & favours to celebrate Independence Day! It's my mum's birthday on 4th July so I know what we'll be making for her birthday pressie! ;-)

Happy 4th July!