Simple Homemade Bath Paint - Using Talcum Powder

This homemade paint is simple for preschoolers to make & its texture is fascinating to explore. It's made from just 3 ingredients; talcum powder, food colouring & water.

We added 1 cup of talcum powder & a few drops of food colouring to a glass. (We used a glass so we could observe what was happening as we added each ingredient.) Then we slowly added small amounts of water & stirred to create the paint. At first we made made a runny paint which worked really well with paintbrushes & paper. Apologies there are no photos of this, I forgot to take them in all the excitement!

To make a slightly thicker paint which could be used with brushes & hands we added a little more powder. Before we stirred it in we watched as the talcum powder began to soak up some of the moisture from the previous mixture.

Minnie had great fun mixing & experimenting with the powder, colours & consistency of the paint. Even the runny paint we created had a powdery texture to it, & when it had dried it could just be brushed away.

Once Minnie was happy with the consistency of the paint (which was fairly thick by the time she had finished mixing) we transferred our mixture to plastic cups to use in the bathtub.

Our bath paints we ready to use! These would work well on most surfaces & would be great to play with outside in the Summer. The best thing about the paint is that it dries to a powder again so can easily be removed.

Minnie got busy painting the sides of the tub with brushes & her blue, green & pink paint.

Then she experimented with an old toothbrush, great for creating a stippling effect.

The thick paint was perfect for squashing, patting & splatting on surfaces...

... & a great texture to explore with hands!!

She loved hand painting, & sliding her hands through the paint on the smooth shiny tiles.

Soon a comb was added & paint squished through the plastic teeth, before it was used to scratch patterns through the paint on the tiles.

Finally her feet were painted & footprints decorated the base & sides of the bath.

And once the painting had finished it was all washed away & the bath was just as we had found it! Perfect! So much creative sensory play & discovery just from 3 readily available ingredients!


  1. What a great alternative to shaving foam as a bath paint. I can't wait to try some of these ideas once T stops trying to eat everything.

  2. Oooohh... finally a great fun way to use the talcum powder I bought before my son was born (never used it - it's so dry here).

  3. Love this! We used talcum powder to make paint too, only I made it to use as a face paint. The same exact recipe too! (You know what they say...great minds think alike)Looks like it was a lot of fun as a bath paint too :)

  4. K has had a fab time painting the bath, herself and me!
    Thanks for another great and easy idea!

  5. We will be trying this out too, I have little powders that came with gifts sets that we never used and I never could think of what to do with them. THANKS for sharing!

  6. love this idea - we will have fun with this!

  7. Awesome idea. Will be doing this! My toddler will love it.