Celebrating St Patrick's Day - Panning for Gold

Here's a simple quick play set up for St Patrick's Day. Go panning for your own gold!

I set up this sensory play activity for the kids to discover the other morning.

To hide our 'gold nuggets' I added some green coloured sand to our sand tray, & for our treasure, I used some yellow & green coloured glass beads that we picked up from a jumble sale a couple of weeks ago.

I covered all the glass beads with the sand, added a sieve, & then explained to the kids that a cheeky little leprechaun had hidden gold for them to discover.

They were soon carefully searching for the treasure using their hands & the sieve. They loved exploring the textures, running the sand through their fingers & rubbing the smooth glass beads in their hands, & of course hiding the gold again & again!

I added a smaller sieve & a collecting bowl for them to collect their gold. This was refilled countless times with lots of opportunites to count the gold & share it out fairly with friends. The bowl made a great scoop for the sand too.

A little later during the morning, a few extras were added to help dig out that elusive gold. 

This simple child-led play offered children the opportunity to explore maths, fine motor skills & social skills & more!