Bathtime Light Play

Remember our Glow in the Dark Bath? Well we just had to have another play with the glow sticks in the water, but this time we added colanders! As bonkers as this sounds they did produce some amazing effects.

Minnie tucked a few glow sticks under each colander to explore the patterns.

These would be perfect for some space themed bath play! Add a few rockets, spacemen & they could explore these glowing planets. :-)

Minnie was keen to make another underwater torch, which produced some amazing colours. When we shone the 'torch' on the side of the bath & moved it closer/further away we were able to explore distance & perspective, watching the circle of light grow smaller or bigger.

The colanders coupled with our bargain glow sticks (20 for £1) were great for exploring size, patterns, light/dark, shadows, colours, shapes, making predictions & comparisons. They created so much excitement, curiosity & wonder, we'll definitely have to explore these again soon. :-)

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