10 Ways to Play Outdoors on a Windy Day

On a blustery day it can be tempting not to venture out, but days like this can be great to explore. Here are just 10 activities to tempt you outside on a windy day. 

1. Let's go fly a kite. Great for discovering movement, energy, wind direction, & design. Why not have a go at making your own, like our Jumping Jellyfish Kite.

2. Peg out the washing. Watch what happens to the clothes on the line as the wind blows. Explore how many pegs you think each item will need to stay on the line. (As you can see Minnie was keen for her Upsy Daisy puppet to stay on the washing line!!)

3. Blow bubbles with the wind. What happens when you hold the bubble wand still in the wind? Where do the bubbles go? Great for exploring wind power, wind direction & making predictions.

4. Dance with streamers. Collect a bunch of ribbons, or strips of crepe paper & secure together at one end (we used good ol' sticky tape). Run around outside in the wind & watch the ribbons dance in the breeze alongside you. Great for physical play & releasing energy (have you ever noticed just how excited young children can get on windy days), useful too for exploring wind power, wind direction, & gross motor movement.

5. Fly paper airplanes in the breeze. Design your own planes & see where the wind takes them. (Junk mail is great for creating planes/spinners.) What happens to smaller/bigger planes? What happens if you add paperclips? Useful for exploring design, construction, aerodynamics, weight, distance, & air currents.

6. Stand still & feel the power of the wind. If you stand with your arms outstretched, does your body stand still? Is anything moving, your hair, clothing? What is making it move? What does the wind feel like on your face? What does it sound like? Where is the sound coming from?

7. Play in the leaves. How about exploring what happens when you throw a bunch of leaves/flower petals/paper confetti in the air? Where does it go? How high do they fly? Where do you think they will travel to? Great for exploring directions, wind currents, estimating & predicting.

8. Set sail with mini boats! Create your own sailing lake & float model boats like these upcycled creations. Useful for exploring wind energy, movement, weight (floating/sinking), design, predictions, distance, speed, & measurements.

9. Umbrella play! Feel the force of the wind when holding an umbrella. Explore what happens when you hold it & face the wind, does anything different happen when you turn around? Can you feel the wind pull or push you? How does this work? Can you feel the difference when you stand in a sheltered spot & out in the open on a breezy day? A great activity to try on both dry & rainy days.

10. Spin with pinwheels! If you have no pinwheel why not create your own like these from Red Ted Art. Explore what happens to them in the wind? Do they move fast, or slow? How are they moving? A neat way to introduce natural energy, wind-turbines, speed, movement, design, & forces.

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Why not try one of our 10 activities for just 10 minutes & explore what a windy day has to offer.

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