Homemade Confetti Balloons

Start the new year with a bang with these homemade confetti balloons!
So simple & frugal to make.

We used
Recycled Christmas gift wrap & wrappers from crackers
A hole punch
A funnel

Minnie hole punched the paper, until we had enough punched circles to fill around four balloons

Using the funnel we poured our homemade confetti & glitter into the top of the balloon.

Once the balloon was filled, we removed the funnel & blew the balloon to full size.

We repeated until we had four filled balloons & attached them to the ceiling.

If you're not keen on these balloons bursting & covering your carpet in glitter, they could be hung outside instead.

A lovely bit of sparkle to start 2012!

As we popped each balloon the confetti showered Minnie, which she loved!

Although the balloons were hung from the ceiling they were low enough for her to pop, & she couldn't wait to have a go!

A fun way to celebrate new years day!