Christmas Pudding Play Dough

This simple activity offers lots of opportunity for creativity & imagination. Minnie loves 'cooking' in her play kitchen & 'baking cakes'. She has been fascinated with Christmas cakes & puddings these last few weeks, so it's with this in mind that we set up our Christmas pudding play area.

We had some coloured play dough (which has been mixed together over the last few weeks hence the grey-ish colour) & added a little cinamon to create a festive scent. Alongside this I added a plastic pudding bowl, circular tin, a few beads, bells, sequins, cake decorations, teaspoons, wooden spoons & a mixing bowl.

Minnie started by pressing single beads into the dough, then rolled the dough over the remaining beads.

Soon buttons & lolly sticks were added to the mix, & after stirring in the mixing bowl with the wooden spoon, she shaped it in the tin.

Ta da! The Christmas cake was ready to bake in the oven! I love the bell on top as a finishing touch.

To keep her cake fresh Minnie decided to wrap it in plastic food wrap! Loving her train of thought!

Later Minnie made her Christmas puddings by mixing in the ingredients (beads, sequins etc) & adding to the pudding bowl. It was fascinating to listen to her chatting away to herself as she named the ingredients she was adding; butter, suagr, rasins, eggs, & oranges were all part of the mix!

When the dough was removed from the bowl it produced a perfect pudding shape, & Minnie finished decorating her pud with bells, & ivy leaves she gathered from our Advent crown.

This simple play dough setup is still being enjoyed today, & many more Christmas puddings have been made & 'shared' by her toys!