Candlelit Elf Hunt around the Garden

We've been organising numerous treasure hunts & hide & seek games for Minnie recently. Whether inside or outside, she loves to go searching & exploring. So to get us in the Christmas spirit we thought we'd create a festive themed hunt around the garden... with the help of a few Christmas elves!

We printed out several copies of this little elf & hid them around the garden. As it was mid-afternoon when we put them out & the light was beginning to fade, we placed a jam jar with a nightlight in to help Minnie find the elusive elves.

To make the treasure hunt a little more magical we added a letter from Father Christmas, which we placed by our fire (adding a little soot for authenticity!)

Minnie was so excited to discover the letter & she & Daddy read it through together. I don't think he had got to the last word before she was out of the door searching for elves!

We spaced the elves around the garden which gave her plenty of room to run around as she searched.

As she collected each elf she blew out the candle beside them - another favourite activity!
(Battery operated nightlights or glow sticks would make a great alternative if you're concerned about using lit candles with little ones.)

The candles looked so magical glowing around the garden, especially in the butterfly garden with the fairy toadstools.

When all the elves had been collected we headed back inside for a hot chocolate. We placed our collection of elves by the fireplace where Father Christmas had left the letter, & by the time we returned from the kitchen with our hot chocolate, the elves had disappeared & Father Christmas had left a small chocolate for Minnie to say thank you! Oh I do love a little Christmas Magic! ;-)

This simple festive treasure hunt was fun for all the family. Minnie enjoyed exploring the garden at dusk which she doesn't normally do at this time of year, & it was great to get some physical outdoor play in at the end of the day. The Christmas elves have sparked much wonder & excitement too, I wonder if they'll visit us again soon? ;-)

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