5 A Day Books - Stars

 We're looking forward to 5 STAR reads this week, perfect to explore alongside our star themed activities.

 'How to Catch a Star' tells the tale of a little boy who wishes he could have a star of his own to share his adventures with. He decides he's going to catch his own star but discovers they've all disappeared in the morning, so he spends the day waiting & waiting until sunset when they start to appear once more. He sets out to catch one, but does he succeed? This is a book full of imagination & endless possibilities, with beautiful illustrations too!

 This is one of Minnie's Favourites & a perfect bedtime read. Not only is 'Laura's Star' a beautiful story about friendship, security, loss & reunion, but the colourful illustrations with the shiny holographic star support the text perfectly. Laura is searching for a special friend, someone she can share all her secrets with, when suddenly she spots a star falling from the sky. The two have many adventures, but eventually the star has to return home. As Laura spots her star in the sky once more she knows she has a special friend who'll always be there for her.

Our third choice is based on the Christmas carol 'Silent Night' & is set in a magical woodland at night, where friends gather together to share & celebrate a special event. The rhythmical, rhyming text tells the story of a special birth which brings hope to the world. The enchanting illustrations help to make this a beautiful, gentle tale which introduces children to the wonder of the Christmas story.

This is a perfect read for my stargazing Peppa fan! Peppa's brother George loves stars so the family head off to see Grandpa Pig, guided on their journey by the North Star. Grandpa Pig tells them all about the sky at night & the stars he can see with his telescope. Great for encouraging imagination & wonder, I love the phrase 'If you saw a shooting star... what would you wish for?' We haven't yet listened to the CD, but I'm sure it'll make an appearance soon on one of car journeys.

And here's another favourite. 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' tells the story of a little bear who's afraid of the dark, so big bear adds more & more light to help him sleep. Eventually big bear takes little bear outside & shows him that the night really isn't as dark as he thinks, with the moon & stars lighting up the whole sky. A great story for encouraging little ones who are uncertain of the dark & providing a little reassurance at bedtime.

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