10 Ways to Play with Laminated Leaves

Following on from our laminated leaf post yesterday, I thought I'd share with you 10 of our favourite activities & crafts using these beautiful leaves!  

1. Props for imaginative & small world play. As you can see they make great fairy stepping stones through a muddy swamp!

2. They make neat nature counters, & as they're laminated they can be used all year round.

3. Perfect for creating patterns & pictures

4. Explore colour change or group leaves into colour sets

5. Great for exploring sizes & sequencing.

6. Ideal for matching & sorting into shape sets or tree species

7. With a few additions they make very stylish Christmas trees. Perfect for Christmas cards!

8. They make colourful decorations too! With just a few paperclips they can be turned into a simple threading activity & beautiful decorations.

9. For those who enjoy leafing through a book, how about a leaf bookmark! :-)

 Or a unique leaf gift tag.

10. And of course, they’re great to explore with a little natural light.