Homemade Ice Cream

Remember our Ice Cream Play Area, well we couldn't play with ice cream & not taste some too!

A friend passed on this recipe which we just had to try. It'll be perfect for all our delicious ripening strawberries... if there are any left! 

300ml (Half a pint) double cream
15oz ready made thick custard
1lb of strawberries

1) Whip the cream until thick & forming small peaks.

2) Fold in the custard.

3) Wash & pat dry the strawberries. Hull them & then blend into a smooth puree.

4) Pour the pureed strawberries through a fine sieve over the custard mixture

5) Fold the ingredients together

6) (Optional!) Once finished sample the mixture! ;-)

7) Pour the mixture into a plastic tub & freeze the ice-cream for 3 hrs, then remove from the freezer & blend the mixture until smooth. Pour the mixture back into the tub to freeze for another 3hrs.

8) Blend the mixture as before until smooth. Return the ice cream to the plastic tub, & freeze until solid.

9) Take the ice cream out of the freezer for about 15mins before serving to allow it to soften slightly. Enjoy!
We added a little decoration to our ice cream treat!
Perfect for a sunny day in the garden :)

Someone was very happy!
This was time consuming, but worth the effort. We're concocting a whole host of possible ice cream flavours... who knows what we'll come up with next!