5 A Day Books: Exploring Emotions

The books from last weeks '5 A Day Books' really seemed to inspire Minnie. She was incredibly active when we read 'Over In The Meadow' joining in with the text & all the movements the animals made, & when it came to 'Ten In The Bed' she lined up her ten toys on the floor/bed/sofa ready to roll each one out! She even built a house for the 'Three Little Pigs' in the garden! It's great to see her retelling her version of these stories during play.

I hadn't really chosen a theme for this weeks set of books, but looking at them, they all centre around emotions.

Our choices for Week 5
(Theme: Exploring Emotions)

'I Love You Blue Kangaroo' by Emma Chichester Clark
This is a book Minnie she chooses again &again. Lilly has a special cuddly blue kangaroo, but gradually collects more & more toys, leaving blue kangaroo feeling unloved & unwanted. When he goes missing Lilly is distraught & offers to give away all her toys to have him back! Perfect to explore the emotions evoked by losing & finding items, great to explore the idea of sharing, & of course the importance of special toys. 

'The Little White Owl' by Tracey Corderoy
This is a beautiful story with equally beautiful illustrations. Little White Owl is all alone, so he sets off to find some friends. He eventually finds some owls who all look very different from him & laugh at him for being so plain. He shares his stories with them & the 'colours in his heart' & soon they realise just how beautiful he is. A perfect book for discovering that beauty is not skin deep!

Yes We Can! by Sam McBratney
This book is great for discovering we're all good at something, but we can't do everything. Again great for exploring how we're all different, & celebrating the special gifts each one of us has. Duck, Mouse & Little Roo all end up challenging each other to do something impossible, when each of them fails at the task they laugh at each other & soon fall out. After a chat with Mother Roo they discover they can all do one of the challenges, & enjoy celebrating & encouraging each other as they achieve.

'Frog is Frog' by Max Velthuijs 
This is another great book for exploring self esteem. Frog tries desperately to be like his friends & is so upset he can not do the things they can. Then Hare reminds him just how special he is & all the amazing things he can do that they can't. Great for reminding children that each one of us is special just as we are!

'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson
This is a wonderful story, & another favourite of Minnie's. The Grufallo has a fun, rhythmical text & focuses on a cunning mouse who takes a stroll through a deep dark wood & encounters many creatures & of course the Gruffalo. Great for exploring emotions such as being scared, & bravery.

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  1. all great books we love the blue kangaroo series! :)

  2. We like Blue Kangaroo too and just this weekend, found another book,by the same author in a second hand sale.