Make Your Own Bug Hotels

Here's a neat little craft to celebrate minibeasts. Great for encouraging an interest in nature, observing insects & their habitats, & caring for living creatures.

To make our 3 Bug Hotels we used:
Garden canes
Safety goggles
Garden shears
String & ribbon
An old plastic bottle
A broken flowerpot

The Mobile Minibeast Motel

1) Cut the garden canes using the shears. Make sure you're all wearing safety goggles for this part (or little ones watch through a window) as the smaller pieces of cane do fly!

2) Select a bunch of the cut canes & tie together with string/ribbon. This may need to be done several times to hold them secure. Thread another piece of string/ribbon through the piece you have just tied, make a loop & secure the ends of the string/ribbon in a knot.

3) Hang your bug residence around the garden, or near your house so the minibeasts & insects can visit their new pad!

The Flowerpot Hotel

1) Cut the garden canes as before

2) Pack the cut canes into the flowerpot. They need to be as compact as possible to keep them in place.

3) Place your flowerpot in a shady area of the garden to attract those bugs who prefer a damp, cool habitat.

The Bottle B&B

1) Cut canes as before.

2) Cut the top & bottom off a plastic drinks bottle

3) Pack the canes into the bottle as tightly as possible.

4) Thread a length of string/ribbon through the bottle, make a loop (so the bug home can be hung up) & secure. Alternatively don't add the string & place in a shady area of the garden.

These bug hotels are great for attracting ladybirds (ladybugs) solitary bees, wasps, spiders, beetles, & many more insects. The small gaps between each of the canes allows the minibeasts to hide away & shelter.

These are great for exploring minibeasts, and you don't need to have a big garden or outside area to use them. The mobile home can be hung anywhere.

Happy Earth Day!