Simple No Sew Sock Puppets

I’ve just had a clear out & found a selection of odd socks, why does this always happen?! Minnie is growing into the next size in clothes too, so I’ve collected lots of goodies to recycle & share with friends. I couldn’t however part with her tights before having a go at making some puppets.

I’m ok at sewing, but to be honest I don’t always have the time, so each of these sock puppets have been put together using strong double sided tape (fabric glue would be a great alternative), scraps of old fabric, & googly eyes. I used Duck Tape when threading items through holes in the tights just to stop the fabric from fraying.

Here’s what we put together...

Songbird (with card beak)

Patch the Dog (made with recycled scraps of fabric)

Spotty Bug (with pipe cleaner threaded through a small hole for antennae)

Stripey the Snake

Zac the Zebra (with black raffia threaded through a small hole & sealed underneath with Duck Tape)

Puppets are one of my favourite toys for children to explore. It’s fascinating to see how children interact with them, & observe the connections, emotions, & communication (both verbal & non-verbal) that develops during play. Puppets are a great way of offering a safe space to explore feelings, & situations, & enable new imaginary worlds to unfold. Do your children have any puppets amongst their toys?

I’ve left some odd socks & tights for Minnie to get creative with, & I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. I’m going to see if she fancies doing some tie-dyeing with the white socks & tights as she tried her hand at this at a Festival last summer & loved it! Watch this space for more puppets ;o)

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