Messy Play: Custard

Custard offers a great sensory play opportunity for young children, it's gloopy, thick & pourable. We added some to our water tray & Minnie had a great time exploring the texture, smell & taste of the custard.

This was truly a multi-sensory experience which she loved. I had a little dried spaghetti left in our cupboard so added this to offer another texture, & Minnie had fun mixing, squeezing, splattering, & pouring the mixture, & snapping the dried spaghetti.

This messy play activity was great fun, but took a while to clear up when Minnie had finished. I dressed her in old clothes before we started, & when she had finished playing we had a quick clean with wet wipes, then she headed straight for the bath (to do some more pouring & collecting with her pots & pans that she uses for bath play).

The activity could also be done on a smaller scale using a washing up bowl, deep tray, or roasting tin, & other objects mixed with the custard e.g; dried beans, lentils, rice, or dried peas. It's a good way to use up left over items from your kitchen cupboard.