Spring Birds!

Following on from our Autumnal clay hedgehogs, we've been getting ready to welcome Spring with these clay birds & nests.

We used the same equipment as before; air-drying clay, googly eyes, & twigs we gathered from the garden.

We spent sometime looking at the birds through our kitchen window before we started this activity. Minnie was fascinated by their wings as they flew away, & their "tiny beak-beaks."

Our bird nest

I love how Minnie's bird is 'flying'

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We picked up this lovely book from our local library, perfect for a bedtime story after our bird craft. 'In the Nest' by Anna Milbourne & Laurence Cleyet-Merle offers large & beautifully drawn illustrations which follow life in the nest. It's a great book for toddlers, as the baby birds in the book are gradually finding their own feet & gaining independence too. It's also a gentle way of encouraging interest in the natural world & how we can care for it.