Catch and Preserve a Spider Web

This is one of those activities we've been meaning to try for ages but have only just got round to doing. We've spotted several spider webs in our garden, so armed with dark coloured paper, hairspray & talcum powder we set off to try & catch one! 

Here's how we caught a spider web.

1. Find a web which has no spider on it or around it.
2. Gently blow a handful of talcum powder towards the web so it covers all the strands.

3. Spray the paper with hairspray so it's tacky, then gently (& quickly before the spray dries) place the paper behind the web until it connects. (You could use spray adhesive instead of hairspray which would allow you a little more time to attach the web to the paper.) Once it's stuck on gently cut the web away from the sides of the paper. 

4. Spray another coat of hairspray over the web to secure it, then when dry add another coat. 

We found all these steps a little tricky at first, but after a couple of attempts the spider webs looked great on the paper, & we were able to complete the process much quicker. The patterns are fascinating to explore, & it's a wonderful way to observe & preserve such a fragile natural object.

Why not go on a spider web hunt around your backyard & see if you can catch an empty web or two. 

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  1. I plan to do this the next time we see a web. Nice tutorial.