Christmas Stockings - Threading Decorations

Here's a great way to practice some threading skills & make a seasonal decoration/gift at the same time. These cute Christmas stockings are simple to prepare & can be decorated in a variety of ways.

To make them we used: sheets of A4 card, a hole punch, gift ribbon, along with gloopy glue & sequins to decorate. If glue/glitter/sequins sounds too messy, felt pens & stickers make a great alternative.

For our stocking template we folded a sheet of card in half, so that when we cut out the stocking we'd have two identical shapes. To make the threading holes I used a hole punch around the outline of the shape, making sure the two templates were lined up together.

Then Minnie threaded the two templates together using a length of ribbon (great for encouraging fine motor skills & hand-eye co-ordination). We secured the ends of ribbon at the top to create a loop so the stocking could be hung up.

To add a little sparkle she glued on sequins, & once it was dry we filled it with sweets ready to give to friends.

Great, easy gifts to make, or cute decorations to hang on the Christmas tree.

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