Friday, 30 December 2011

Memory Frame & Book - Reviewing the Year

Photographs are a great way for young children to recall events & the special people they've shared them with. As we're heading towards the end of 2011 we thought it would be fun to review the year using our photos.

I have to confess that in the busyness of life there are a number of photos I've taken that never get printed out & are just filed away, but this activity enabled us to share those images & memories together, & display them for the future. 

We found our photos from the past year & started flicking through them on the computer. As we looked through them Minnie chose her favourites & we copied & pasted these into a publisher file. This gave Minnie a chance to explore the computer & undertake simple tasks. She was soon able to copy & paste images herself, & was fascinated when I showed her how they could be re-sized & cropped! (I have to add that we didn't sit for hours looking at these photos, this was an activity we revisited over a couple of days!)

As we looked through the photos we reminisced, & recalled special moments & the people who'd been part of our year. There were lots of giggles as we looked through fun events, & many requests to revisit activities, especially the paddling pool! This activity gave us precious time to share memories, laughter & cuddles together. It also gave me an insight into just what an amazing memory my 3 year old has, & what have been the significant events for her these last twelve months. It's also a great activity for you as a parent, not only to see how much your child has grown & blossomed, but to recall all the opportunities you offered your children & those magical moments you shared together.

Once we had our images (there were quite a number!) we re-sized them so we had around fifteen images on each sheet of A4 & printed them off.

We cut them out together, & then arranged them on a sheet of card which was the same size as the frame.

We added our collage to the frame & our 2011 memories were ready to display!

On the reverse I added this little note

Not only is this a neat way to display multiple photos, but it's a record of Minnie's creativity, & each picture captures a memory which is significant to her.

We used a fairly large frame for this activity, but when you're 3 years old there's a lot going on! ;-) This worked so well & is such a lovely way to remember the year that I think I'm going to create a frame like this for the first five years of Minnie's life. I recently found two slightly smaller frames which would be prefect to display her first & second years.

We had a few photos left over, so Minnie decided to create her own photo book! I folded some A5 sheets of card & Minnie stuck her chosen pictures to the pages.

We secured with ribbon & added a front cover to create her 2011 Memory Book!

At this time of year so many of us are looking forward to the new year, but I think sometimes it's good just to take a moment to stop & reflect. All the mini milestones, 'every day' moments, & spontaneous giggles can sometimes too quickly be swept up, & (just like those photos on my camera) end up filed away & forgotten about. Looking back doesn't mean we forget the sad times either, it's a good time of year to recall certain situations & reflect upon how they affect us now, or to remember those who have died & give thanks for how they touched our lives, or to remember how strong we were in certain situations, & to give thanks for our family & what we have today.

We're looking forward to the new year, but also pausing for a moment to recall all the precious moments of 2011! 

"Life gives us brief moments... but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time."
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