5 A Day Books: Homes

Our 5 books this week are all related to homes. We've recently been visiting friends, & discovering various homes hidden around our garden for a variety of wildlife, from bees, tadpoles, & rabbits, to mice & slugs! (I have to say I was not quite as impressed as Minnie when finding that slugs had set up home amongst our broccoli patch!)

This tells the story of a little boy who discovers an aeroplane in his wardrobe & decides to head for the moon, but finds himself stranded there.  A martian helps him return home again, & the boy returns the favor when the Martian finds he's stranded too. Fun illustrations and a nice tale about imagination & co-operation.

This is a favourite from my childhood. The rhythmical, rhyming text & bright illustrations make it a memorable book & a tale which is easy to recall with, or without the book.

Mouse decides it's time to look for a new home after she finds an enormous apple which just doesn't fit inside her burrow! She heads off to find a bigger home & possible housemates, nibbling her apple as she goes. As the book unfolds she discovers there's no place like home! Bold, colourful illustrations with cutaway holes in the pages allow children to see outside & inside the burrows. A magical read with lots of opportunity for discussion.

What happens when a family who normally enjoy summer holidays at home, decide to reply to an advert in the paper for a pirate house swap? A summer with a difference that's for sure! They eventually manage to run the ship & all seems ok, until they return home to see what changes the pirates have made to their home. This humours story is set alongside wonderfully creative illustrations. There are lift-up-flaps which reveal what's happening in the other home, & playful mice to spot hidden on each page. A great holiday book to explore!

Cover of “Let's Play House” by Emma Quay and Anna Walker
'Friends for Keeps' is a great series of books for pre-schoolers which focuses around 3 friends; Panda who is bossy, Sheep who is shy, & Owl who is funny (without always meaning to be). In this book Owl suggests he & his friends make a house, but Panda is too big & Owl gets squashed in the process. Then Panda suggests all they need is a little make believe & anything is possible. Great for exploring imagination & friendship.

I wonder what homes/houses/tents we'll create as we share these books together?

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