Outdoor April Adventures

At the beginning of April we joined the 'Get Outdoors Month' at Childhood 101 & 'Can You Come Outside To Play' taking up the challenge to spend at least two hours every day outside. Minnie loves being outside, whatever the weather, so taking part has been great, & it's helped reinforce just how important this outdoor time is.

April, in the UK, has been one of the hottest on record, so we've had endless opportunities to have fun in the sun. Here are our Top 30 Outdoor April Adventures! (We thought 30 was a neat number, there being 30 days in the month!)  ;)

1. Bug hunts around our garden & neighbourhood

2. Gardening, planting & tending plants.

3.  Building & exploring our water play construction

4. Endless discoveries & fun at the beach

5. Making a Rainbow

7. Relaxing with favourite books in the sun

8. Picnics with family & friends

9. Exploring the countryside at a different time of day with a late evening walk

10. Playing with bubbles

11. Exploring a castle

12. Easter egg hunts around the garden with the family

13. Washing & cleaning fun in the sun

15. Experiencing the weather on a windy afternoon at the seaside

17. Making a Pirate ship with Daddy in the garden

18. Woodland walks

19. Exploring wildflowers & beautiful weeds

20. Going on safari in the back garden

21. Family walks & freedom to run through countryside

22. Splashing in puddles

23. Playground play

24. Laying on the grass watching & listening to the trees

25. Tea parties

27. Dancing & creating shadows around the garden

28.  Making dens with older friends

29. Making a tepee

30. Pond Dipping

What a fantastic April - fabulous weather & many opportunities to discover, explore & learn outside! Now we're enjoying May & looking forward to all the outdoor adventures ahead of us!


  1. What a wonderful month of April you had! Puddle-splashing is one of our faves too!

  2. Thank you, we were blessed with good weather which helped. We LOVE puddles, so much that Minnie often pours water to create her own when there are none to be found! This is great outside... I've not been so keen when it's tried inside though! lol

  3. What fun you had - hope your May is looking just as bright. I love the garden lanterns!

  4. Lots of great outdoor activities! And loads of fun for your kids! :) My allergy is finally going away so maybe I'll enjoy some of that fun soon too! :)

  5. What a wonderful April, I want to come along too. Exploring a castle =0 sounds wonderful can't wait to see what May shall bring.

  6. Thank you so much for joining our challenge! I hope you have as much fun this month!


  7. Now you know how much I love outdoor play so it should come as no surprise that I love, love, love this post. Thank you for sharing your outdoor adventures with us.

  8. I love this post!!! Thanks for the inspiration! And thanks for sharing at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars! I'm going to share this with my facebook friends :)

  9. lovely ideas for outdoor fun. Where was picture 21 taken? my little boy would just love running through there