Minnie made Caterpillars!

Sometimes the simplest things are the best... today my daughter made caterpillars! She found a green pipe cleaner & cut it up to make her "catpillas tickling wall!"

We've recently been reading short comic verses together & this is one of Minnie's favourites.

‘Who’s that tickling my back?’ said the wall.
‘Me,’ said a small Caterpillar.
‘I’m learning to crawl.’
-- Ian Serrailler

It seemed fitting that the caterpillars ended up where they did! :-)

"Tickling the wall Mummy"
Minnie now knows this little verse off by heart & appears to appreciate the humour, giggling away as she recites it. I love unstructured play & the endless possibilities!
It's wonderful to observe Minnie's recall skills, her growing interest in literature, & her creativity.

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