Recycling Abandoned Toys (#1)

Here’s our shape sorter, a real favourite of Minnie’s when she was younger. She’s taken it here, there & everywhere, but on its travels some of the contents have escaped & just 2 loyal shapes remain!

After observing Minnie’s interest in threading, & having recently read several articles about weaving, our faithful shape sorter came into my mind! I didn’t want to part with such a strong wooden toy, but with parts missing it seemed a little defunct! So now we've recycled our Shape Sorter & turned it into... a Weaving Toy! Ta da!

The rungs around the sides are great for enabling Minnie to weave material under & over, & the large shapes at the top & bottom allow her to manipulate flimsier fabric with more ease.

So far she’s had a go at weaving rope, ribbons, thick wool, strips of fabric, netting, felt strips, foil ribbon, & strips of paper.

A simple fun activity to encourage hand–eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, creativity & imagination.

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  1. This is a great way to rediscover a toy. I think my girls might add an animal or little person to live inside and turn it into a home. Lovely to see you at the Play Academy and thanks ever so much for putting the Sunflower Challenge on your site. I'm hoping lots of people join in the growing fun!

  2. Love this - simple way to make old toy all brand new! Featuring this post on this week's High paw! Thanks for participation and hope to see you there this week too! :)))

  3. Wow - Michelle thank you so much! :)

  4. OMGosh - this is such a clever idea. It makes me look at all those old toys with missing pieces just a little bit differently. Thanks for the inspiration!