Recycling Abandoned Toys (#1)

Here’s our shape sorter, a real favourite of Minnie’s when she was younger. She’s taken it here, there & everywhere, but on its travels some of the contents have escaped & just 2 loyal shapes remain!

After observing Minnie’s interest in threading, & having recently read several articles about weaving, our faithful shape sorter came into my mind! I didn’t want to part with such a strong wooden toy, but with parts missing it seemed a little defunct! So now we've recycled our Shape Sorter & turned it into... a Weaving Toy! Ta da!

The rungs around the sides are great for enabling Minnie to weave material under & over, & the large shapes at the top & bottom allow her to manipulate flimsier fabric with more ease.

So far she’s had a go at weaving rope, ribbons, thick wool, strips of fabric, netting, felt strips, foil ribbon, & strips of paper.

A simple fun activity to encourage hand–eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, creativity & imagination.

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