Keepsake Book

Wondering what to do with all those special pieces of artwork? How about creating an art Keepsake Book for Mother's Day.

Last year Minnie & her Daddy made me this precious book using some of her art work.

Each page was created by Minnie, using her favourite art material - paint! As I flick through the book a memory unfolds on every page. Handprints, brush strokes, linear patterns in the paint (created by a fork), each page holds a precious creative moment.

I look at her handprints now & I can't believe how much her hands have grown in the space of a year. My little girl is growing up fast, but this lovely collection will remind me of her creativity, energy, & her love of handprinting for many years!

To make the book Minnie & Daddy folded a large sheet of coloured paper & placed the pictures inside. They hole punched the paper, secured with ribbon, & designed the cover on the computer together.

These make such special gifts for all members of the family! We're currently making one for Minnie's Grandmother for Mother's Day. :)

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