Fluttering Butterfly Magnets

These are so simple but so effective. Minnie (2yrs) loved making these.

To make our Fluttering Butterflies we used:
A sheet of acetate film (A4 OHP Sheet)
A marker pen
Glass pens (glass paint would work well, but just take a little longer to dry)
A thin magnet (or self-adhesive magnetic tape)
Double sided tape
A paper butterfly template

How to make them:
1) Draw a butterfly shape on a piece of paper & place the acetate sheet over it
2) Using a marker pen trace the outline & body of the butterfly onto the acetate

4) Decorate the butterfly using the glass pens

5) Cut out the butterfly shape

6) Fold each wing along the butterfly's body, so the wings stand up slightly away from the body

7) Cut the magnet into a thin strip, the same width as your butterfly's body (we used a freebie magnet which came with a smoothie drink) & attach double sided tape to the non-magnetic side. Peel the tape & stick the magnetic strip to the back of your butterfly body. (Alternatively, if you're more organised than us, you could use a strip of self-adhesive magnetic strip.)

8) Stick your beautiful butterfly onto any metal surface, ideally near a source of light for the sun to catch the colours, & watch it flutter slightly in the breeze. :o)

Minnie loved making these so we made several to decorate our fridge!

These are perfect to share as gifts... although I may have to keep them as they look so cute in my kitchen!

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