When is a box not a box... when it's a slide!

I like to try & keep a selection of empty recycled cardboard boxes for Minnie to play with. The size of the boxes differs week by week depending on what we have used, plus it also depends on how much room we have to store them. I've allocated a corner of our garage to store boxes, with one huge box storing all the other boxes inside. Being in the garage means they're easy to access for outdoor play too.

Minnie has so much fun exploring, building, & creating with these boxes. Yesterday we collected a selection from the garage & she decided to make a slide for her toys.

It's a slide!
She chose the largest box for the base, a longer box for the slide & a selection of smaller boxes to create steps at the back. The ideas were Minnie's own & she independently selected the boxes she needed & put them into position.

Steps at the back of the slide
The only intervention from me was to slant the longer box on top of a few smaller ones to make it study.

I loved watching Minnie collecting all her toys to ‘play on the slide.’ She lined them all up by the ‘steps’ & they each took it in turns to slide down.

"Go bear, go!"
Lots of giggles & ‘whoosh’ & ‘weeeeeeeeeeeee’ sounds followed, before Minnie decided to roll some of her cars & trains down the slide. "Fast Mummy!" she exclaimed as they hurtled down the slide. Two cars were then rolled down together & soon the slide had turned into a race ramp! She repeated the racing & we started to guess which car would make it to the bottom first. She played with this for ages & kept the boxes as a slide for the whole day.

It was great to observe Minnie’s imagination & excitement as she played with the boxes, & to see how focused & engaged she was with this play experience. Also great to see the links with Mathematical, Creative, Social, & Language Skills! Who knows what the boxes will become next...

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