Splish-Splash-Splosh on a Rainy Day

It was one of those days just perfect for ducks! Minnie had been reading one of her Peppa Pig books, & as any Peppa fan knows, Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles!

So we decided to wrap ourselves up ready to go on a puddle jumping adventure!

We collected our wellies & umbrella & we were off! Minnie was so excited, she couldn’t wait to find her first muddy puddle to jump in, & boy did she jump! ‘Splish, Splosh!’ she exclaimed as she stomped around in the water, before running to the next puddle. (I am so glad I bought Minnie a waterproof all-in-one, it comes in so handy & allows her to play happily outside when it’s wet, & keeps her dry when she helps to wash the car.)

She continued to stomp, run, jump, paddle & kick the water, then she stopped & just listened to the rain as it ‘pitter pattered’ on her umbrella. Soon she was off again to splash in another puddle, this time snorting (in a Peppa Pig style) as she jumped around in the muddy water.

Minnie loves playing outside in the rain & I want to encourage her exploration of the world in all weathers, so I'm encouraging her to think about what she needs to wear before she sets out (e.g. warm coat, wellies, & waterproofs.) She is now beginning to collect these items independently & I love the fact that she checks out the weather from the window before she chooses what she needs to wear.

This activity is great for encouraging, creativity, imagination, independence, gross motor skills, & knowledge & understanding of the world... all you need is a little precipitation... oh, & some waterproofs!

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  1. Our favorite rainy day activity - actually playing in the rain! We did this today! They do have so much fun, don't they?:)