Shredded Paper Play

Messy Play needn’t be all that messy!
This was such a fun activity to enjoy & it didn’t cost a penny!

My hubby had left a box of shredded paper by the front door to take out to the compost… but Minnie had other ideas! She started to have a rummage through the box, so we moved the box into the kitchen to give us some more space to explore. Minnie was soon grabbing handfuls of the shredded paper & throwing it over her head in great excitement. Screams of laughter followed as she continued to cover herself in the paper until the box was empty. She then replaced some of the paper & did it all over again, covering me too. Paper flew everywhere & by this time the floor was covered.

We put most of the paper back in the box, & Minnie wandered into another room.
Soon she returned with some of her favourite toys & threw them in the box. She then covered them with the shredded paper & asked to be lifted in the box as well! Once in, she had a fantastic time hiding her toys amongst the paper & then finding them. She then curled up in a ball & pretended to hide, then a few seconds later jumped up in the box with paper flying everywhere shouting ‘SURPRISE!‘

I hadn’t realized that Minnie had taken a book into the box with her toys until I saw her ‘reading’ them a story amongst the paper. She arranged the toys amongst the paper, buried her feet in the paper, & continued to play happily completely absorbed with a cardboard box & strips of paper! This spontaneous play had Minnie engaged for almost an hour (not bad for a 2yr old!)

Playing in the paper
This was a magical activity full of child-led, imaginative play!
This activity would be great outside as well. Umbrellas, scoops, buckets, or different sized boxes could be added to the paper. The play possibilities & discoveries are endless!

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