Recycled Pen Pots

Here's a fun & useful way to recycle old containers.

To make our pen pot we used 2 clear containers (fruit pots) one slightly smaller than the other.

We removed the labels from the containers, & decorated the smaller container by covering the outside with PVA glue & sticking on squares of different coloured tissue paper. Once covered we left to dry *

Using an adhesive label we made a sign for our pen pot & stuck it to the larger container. I made a simple, bold label for Minnie to help her easily recognise the word & contents of the container, but these labels could be designed by children, especially if they were being made as a gift.

We pushed the smaller container inside the larger one & our colourful pen pot was complete & ready to use.

These are a neat way to brighten up a desk space, & look great on a windowsill with the light shining through them. They are also brilliant for reminding children where things go when it's time to tidy up! 

They would make great gifts too, especially if the person's name was added to the label. Oh, just thought, without the label they'd make beautiful flower vases too!

*we could have added another layer of PVA glue (Mod Podge) to the tissue paper & left the container as it was, but by placing it in a larger container it made the pen pot more sturdy.

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