Make your own Numberhogs - Maths play with Hedgehogs

These Numberhogs make a fun & simple counting activity, & encourage fine motor skills too!

To make our hedgehogs or 'Numberhogs' I drew a simple hedgehog body shape (minus the prickles) on coloured card, added the numbers with a marker pen, laminated each one, & added googly eyes.
I made up a set of 10 hedgehogs.
I then found some clothes pegs to use as prickles.
Then all you need is a clever little person to match the number of pegs (prickles) to the number on the hedgehog!
They've been a great success in our house, hope you have fun with them too!

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  1. Oh this is so clever and so cute...I love it!!

  2. Love this! We'll surely use this idea! :) Thanks!

  3. Thank you, this is one of our favourite games :) Minnie's getting really good at sorting the pegs now. Hope you have fun with it too

  4. That is adorable. Great idea!

  5. Thanks Andrea :) You have such a lovely blog, so many great ideas!

  6. So simple and such a fun way to practise counting.

    Thank you for linking to We Play this week :)

    Christie x

  7. Really like this idea as it reinforces the number. Will help children in class with different learning styles! Thanks for linking!

  8. Love them fab idea!!! I love your blog do you have a face book page?